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Online Pest Management and Reporting

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PestNetOnline is the perfect system to store all of your pest management data electronically, replacing traditional paper-based systems. Collected data is uploaded by our Technician in real time, ensuring that your records are always up to date. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information regarding your location.

Please note: this service is not yet available in Uganda. This page is for informational purposes.

How PestNetOnline Works

PestNetOnline is designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest control protection - whilst saving you time and money, and providing greater peace of mind than ever before.

When our pest control specialists set up your protection cordon, each item is bar-coded and recorded onto the pest analysis system by means of a PDA. Even before our technicians leave your site, you'll have secure, password protected access to an online pest management visual representation of your protection network.

Each subsequent visit generates a fresh set of data from each device, recorded by scanning into the pest control online system:

  • On every visit, our technician will scan each barcode on the site with their PDA, capturing data specific to that location. 
  • At the end of the visit, the Technician wirelessly transmits the visit data from his PDA to our secure servers, which is then immediately available on PestNetOnline. 
  • You will receive an e-mail to let you know that new pest management visit data is available for you to view.
  • PestNetOnline’s innovative tools enable you, your auditors and Rentokil employees to view, export and analyse the data giving an unprecedented level of insight and understanding of pest activity on the site.

PestNetOnline provides you with Easy-to-Use Pest Analysis Data and Trends:

  • An instant, easy to read site plan of your pest protection network in a time-saving format.

  • An easy to follow audit trail demonstrating how seriously you take protection, the you have in place, and how they have performed. This pest management system saves time and effort in complying with the prerequisite programmes to meet HACCP regulations, ensuring pest control information is available at the click of a button.

  • A detailed history of activity; demonstrating your due diligence by recording all the taken.

  • Pest analysis trends; allowing potential risks to be anticipated and proactive pest measures can be taken to prevent future infestations.

  • Professional pest analysis reports that can easily be presented at board meetings shown to auditors.

  • Because PNOL is paperless, it is also more environmentally friendly for those businesses watching their carbon footprint.

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