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DIY Rat Poison and Rat Traps Advice

Rat killer solutions: offering guidance on rat extermination products

Wondering how to catch a rat? Do you have a rat infestation and are planning on eliminating rats with rat poison, rat bait or rat traps?

First things first: there is no single rat killer product that can offer a 100% guarantee to completely exterminate rats. If rat control is not implemented quickly and effectively, an infestation can quickly spread. A wide range of DIY products to kill rats - such as rat traps and rat poison - are available in your local supermarket, and these may be partly effective in dealing with rats in low risk areas.

DIY Rat Poison

Rat poison is mostly sold in corrosion, or finished bait form. There are also various contact dust and gels are available from supermarkets that attach to the fur of rats and is spread and consumed during their cleaning reflex. 

The are two different types of rodenticide available to kill rats:

  • Single feed rodenticide: This is not the preferred product around your home or in sensitive environments, as there may be risk of secondary poisoning. For example, if your cat consumes a rat that has ingested the bait, there could be an adverse effect on your pet.
  • Multi feed rodenticide: This poses less risk of secondary poisoning, although primary poisoning may still exist. This means the placement and type of bait station plays an important role.

  • Why DIY rat poison solutions are not effective

    Due to rats finding preferable alternative food sources, they often won’t eat enough - or any - of the edible rat bait. Eating just a tiny amount can lead to an increasing resistance in rats, and ultimately to them become immune to rodenticides.

DIY Rat Traps

Different rat traps are available on the market; from snap traps to live traps. With live traps, regular checks at shorter intervals are required, where the “snap trap” is sold with a rat bait. 

  • Why DIY rat traps are not effective

    They are not completely reliable and are not likely to ward off a rat infestation in general. There are always a number of case-shy rats (especially in heavy infestations), making complete rodent control using traps challenging.

    In addition, only a pest control expert can effectively distinguish between nesting grounds and walkways and therefore stage rat traps in the most targeted and effective area possible.

    Factors that are also considered by a pest control expert are identifying signs of activity, rodent behaviour and rodent feeding habits that can differ from premise to premise.

Keep in mind the below when selecting a DIY rat killer solution

Whatever method you select to kill rats, it is essential to follow the product instructions carefully for safe and effective use, and also to ensure humane rat control.

Rat baits and traps are very powerful and should never be used in areas that children, pets and wildlife can reach.

For properties that experience a heavy infestation, it is recommended you seek professional help. Please refer to our page on professional rat control solutions.

DIY or Professional?

When it comes to getting rid of rats, it is best to only seek professional help even though there is DIY rat control solutions available. A proactive approach is required when taking the DIY approach to managing an infestation, and will take up a lot of time. This route will need to be monitored to ensure it is successful.

You will need a basic awareness of common rodent hideouts to make your spot treatments more effective. You will also need to understand how and whereto they can spread to control the level of infestation.

Taking the professional route requires you to find your local, pest control expert to deal with the pest problem at hand.

  • How to choose the right pest control expert

    A pest control expert should also respect your home, property or place of business, operate with the greatest care and attention and should be able to make you aware of any challenges or limitations from the start. As a customer, you should always feel able to voice any concerns and ask as many questions as you need to.

    Key criteria for Selection:

    • Certifications will demonstrate that your treatments are carried out to the highest industry standard practices.
    • Membership of recognised industry associations will ensure your services are provided by a trained, insured and trusted company, which has to comply to strict membership criteria.
    • Personal recommendations: word-of-mouth and personal recommendations can be more powerful than a company’s own word. Speak to neighbours, peers, friends or family to find out about customer satisfaction.
    • Complete honesty and transparency early-on regarding the cost, level and duration of treatment required will help you see if the company is reliable
    • Expertise & experience: a well-established, recognised company can offer a peace of mind in the services provided and its relationship with customers.

Contact the Experts for Professional solutions

Even though DIY solutions can temporarily alleviate rodent problems, it is always best to call the professionals to deal with the problem. Our trained and certified technicians understand the habits and behaviour of rats and can implement a tailored solution depending on the level of infestation, your premises and needs.

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