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How to Get Rid of Mice

Once an infestation has been identified, the best and most effective way to get rid of mice in the house or office is with professional treatment.

Professional solutions can guarantee to quickly and safely remove mice from your home or business. Solutions can be tailored to each unique problem and can also offer effective deterrent methods to avoid a re-infestation. Professional mouse control will help to avoid:

  • Disease: mice are well known to spread disease and have the with the ability to contaminate food and water supplies. Salmonella, Leptospirosis and Hantavirus are just a few of the diseases they can transmit.
  • Damage: they mice are also able to cause considerable damage to property and pose a genuine fire risk with their habit of chewing on electrical cables and wiring.

Learn more about the diseases mice spread and the damage that they can cause.

Need help on how to get rid of mice in your home or business? Contact Rentokil for a free quote on the most efficient mixe extermination methods. Act now if you have spotted signs of a mouse infestation.

Our Service Benefits

    • Free surveys; for businesses and homes. Our night time surveys allows us to see when mice are most active, to pinpoint areas to treat, limiting interruption to your business operations.
    • Cost-effective, tailored solutions.
    • Skilled, experienced surveyors and technicians; with industry specific experience and a thorough knowledge of Food legislation, critical for businesses handling food, such as Food Processing, Pubs & Bars and Hotels.
    • Exclusive technology; only available to Rentokil, Our Mouse Monitor Units can detect mouse activity effectively, cleanly and humanely.
    • Rodent proofing solutions; provided for any property with expert advice on how to deter mice.
    • Global experience; we have over 85 years of experience and knowledge on expert mouse control.
    • Local expertise;  with years of experience in Uganda, you can rely on Rentokil for tried and trusted solutions.

Getting Rid of Mice with Rentokil

At Rentokil, we offer tailored rodent control solutions that will get rid of mice in your house.

A mouse problem in your business is just as worrying as finding an infestation in your home.

Using our expert knowledge and proactive approach, we can provide you with expert solutions for getting rid of mice, enabling you to keep your family safe or to focus on your customers.

Wondering how to catch a mouse? Leave it to the Rentokil experts. With access to a range of technologies and innovation, we can offer targeted treatments to ensure a guaranteed solution to your mouse problem.

Rodent Bait Station

Our innovative rodent bait stations contain bait which attract mice inside and are specifically designed to be tamper-proof - making them safe for use in areas where children or pets may be present, and is only accessible by rodents, causing no harm to other animals.

Many of the rodenticides used in these bait stations contain Bitrex which is the harshest taste known to the human tongue. If it is accidentally consumed by humans, the taste will cause you to spit it out immediately.

Our Treatment Plan

  1. We guarantee to be in touch to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. 
  2. One of our certified Surveyors will carry out a thorough inspection, assess your problem and make recommendations for an  effective treatment to get rid of mice. Working with mice day-in and day-out gives us expert knowledge and insight into these rodents. 
  3. Our certified Technician will visit at a time chosen by you to start treatment once you have given us the go-ahead. All our treatments are safe for children and pets and offers minimum disruption to your family or business operation. 
  4. The technician will then make several follow-up visits until your mouse problem is solved.  
  5. We provide advice on mouse prevention, offering long term solutions.

Mice Treatment Costs

Since the circumstances of every mouse infestation vary, it’s difficult for us to provide you with an exact price for our mice treatments online.

In order for us to provide you with an accurate price our expert local surveyors need to fully understand the extent of your infestation. Once that is established, they can quote for the appropriate treatment in getting rid of mice from your home or business.

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Learn more about how to get rid of mice: see our mouse mouse control tips.

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