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How to Get Rid of Ants

While a wide range of DIY products are available for ants, many times effective ant control requires a professional pest control service to gain control and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Controlling Ants

Rentokil technicians are skilled, experienced professionals; they are certified, licensed applicators of registered pesticides and participate in regular training programs to maintain their expertise. They understand the habits of each species and use that knowledge when developing an ant control program for your home. They also have respect for you, your family, your home, your business and your time.

Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

Although many homeowners employ DIY ant control remedies, the results are often less than satisfactory. Small problems can develop into large ones and this is when many people seek out the services of a pest control professional.

Once they’ve identified the species of ant invading your home, they can use a range of powerful insecticides to get rid of ants efficiently. This gives you the reassurance that the problem has been dealt with fully.

Treatments are targeted to the specific ant species in order to solve the problem quickly, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Once the ants have been dealt with, you can take precautions to stop them from coming back. One particularly important precaution is covering any food in storage areas; you don’t know where ants have been walking before they march across your food (and in most cases, they have come into contact with unsanitary areas before they decide to feast on your meal!).

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Get Rid of Ants in Your Business

In the commercial environment ants are more than just a nuisance. They can cost you money and harm your reputation. This is particularly true in organisations that handle food or need to keep areas sterile.

Premises like pubs, restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses and other buildings that store food and water need to make sure they have the highest standards of hygiene, and that means being ant-free.

Without adequate ant control in your business you could suffer from:

  • Waste - Contaminated food and other products will have to be thrown away, costing you money and resources.

  • Fear - Infestations in places like hospitals and care homes can spread pathogens (e.g. Pharoah Ants) and alarm patients or residents and lead them to question your hygiene standards.

  • Reputation Damage - If your reputation suffers so too will your profits, as customers are put off by the presence of ants.

Steps to Take to Effectively Get Rid of Ants

Our professional Pest Control Technicians understand the habits of different types of ants and can offer discreet and targeted ant control. It goes without saying that all our ant control treatments are safe for your staff and customers. Give us a call and we’ll set the following plan in motion to get rid of ants:

  • Our pest control consultant will arrange a convenient time with you for a free inspection inside and outside your premises.
  • The consultant will recommend a treatment plan based on your ant infestation and on your particular business sector, and give you a cost to put the plan into action.
  • Once you’ve approved the price, the consultant will arrange times for a technician to visit. You may need several visits depending on the ant control treatment we use.
  • On the first visit, the Technician will run through the treatment process before the work begins.
  • We can also set up regular ant control inspections for you so the problem doesn’t come back.

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