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Proactive Pest Management

Zero tolerance for any level of pest activity?

Certain industries - such as food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production - simply can't tolerate any suggestion of pest contamination. The potential harm to their reputations, and to the relationships of trust they have built with their customers, is too great. It is for discerning customers like these that Rentokil has developed Proactive Pest Management; the gold standard in pest control. 

The aim of the Proactive Pest Management service is simple: to establish and maintain completely pest-free zones wherever they are required, and to tightly control and minimise pest activity throughout the rest of your operations. 

The Proactive Pest Management service is built around the “Predict, Prevent, and Protect” concept and it includes:

  • Pest control measures integrated with your existing cleaning and hygiene regimes
  • User friendly pest monitoring and reporting providing constant awareness, which meets the requirements of auditors and legal regulators
  • A suite of flexible options, appropriate to your business, including pest awareness training, supply chain auditing, anti-pest building design and specialist anti-pest cleaning.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation
  • Unlimited emergency call-out service with guaranteed response times
  • Free surveys and quotes if your requirements change
  • The full technical support of our highly regarded Research and Development department
  • Contracted Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • At least one SLA management review per annum
  • Regular, formal, pest management service reviews

As with all Rentokil agreements, your Proactive Pest Management Service will be tailored to the exact requirements of your particular business. 

Contact us to put in place an integrated pest management solution for your business needs.

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