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Luminos Sapphire

Discreet fly control for your business

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Rentokil’s Luminos Sapphire unit is an electronic fly killer unit specifically designed for front of house locations, where discretion and effectiveness need to be combined. 

With its modern design, this fly control solution outperforms a range of competitor units to ensure you get rid of flies effectively.

Benefits to your business:

Image of Luminos Sapphire Fly Killer | Rentokil Uganda

  • Effective fly control for flying insects
  • Discreet design for use in any public area
  • Stylishly designed stainless steel fascia available in two designs
  • The Luminos Sapphire electric fly killer unit ensures your business meets health and safety requirements, as no particles or bacteria are spread upon capturing flies and thus provides a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and clientele.
  • Flexible installation as the unit is suitable for wall mounting or tabletop
  • No pesticides are used to control flies due to the electric fly killer unit’s properties
  • Supplied ready to use; this electronic fly killer unit is provided with a hard wired cable

A fly control solution that is suitable for your business:

Image of Rentokil Pest Control Uganda Technician Servicing Luminos Sapphire Fly Killer

The Luminos Sapphire electric fly killer unit is suitable for a range of customers and industries, including:

Technical Specification

In a series of tests designed to compare the effectiveness of various front-of-house fly control units, the Luminos Sapphire outperformed many of the leading fly killer and eradication products currently available in the market (such as fly zappers, fly traps and other insect killer products).

The graph below reflects the calculated “Half Life Time” for a series of fly control products. This test measures how quickly a fly control unit catches 50% of flies in an area, and uses this as a proxy for overall effectiveness.

Image of Luminos Sapphire Half Life Measurement Graph

Source: European Technical Centre Rentokil, Horsham, UK


Luminos Sapphire conforms to all relevant Ugandan electrical and UV safety standards.

Image of Luminos Sapphire Fly Killer Specifications


For further information on other fly control units, please visit the Luminos Fly Killers page.

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