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Luminos 3 Fly Killer Unit

Effective and Attractive Fly Control

Image of Luminos 3 Fly Killer

The Luminos 3 fly control unit is now available as a glue board version designed for use in medium risk areas. 

This electric fly killer makes use of a single glue board covering the back and base of the unit to to get rid of flies successfully. 

Benefits to your business:

  • The Luminos 3 unit provides you with a fly control solution to get rid of flies and flying insects
  • Discreet unobtrusive design for use in public areas
  • Effective glue board covers back and base of the unit
  • No pesticides used are used to control flies due to the electric fly killer unit’s glue board technology
  • The Luminos 3 fly killer unit fulfills legal and health and safety requirements, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your staff and clientele.
  • Supplied ready to use; this fly killer unit includes 3x15W lamps and glue board.  

A fly control solution that is suitable for your business:

Image of Rentokil Pest Control Technician servicing Luminos 3 Fly Killer

The Luminos 3 electric fly killer unit is suitable for a range of customers and industries, including:

Technical Specification

In a series of tests designed to compare the effectiveness of Rentokil’s Luminos Fly Killer units, Luminos 3 outperforms Luminos Sapphire and Luminos 1. For higher risk areas, Luminos 3 is recommended, which makes use of unique encapsulation technology to get rid of flies.

The graph below reflects the calculated “Half Life Time” for Rentokil’s Luminos range. This test measures how quickly a fly control unit catches 50% of flies in an area, and uses this as a proxy for overall effectiveness.

Image of Luminos 3 Fly Killer Half Life Measurement Graph

Source: European Technical Centre Rentokil, Horsham, UK


Luminos 3 conforms to all relevant Ugandan electrical and UV safety standards.

Image of Luminos 3 Fly Killer Specifications


For further information on other fly control units, please visit the page on electric Luminos Fly Killers.

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