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Insect Monitor Unit (IMU)

Insect Control that protects your Environment

Image of an Insect Monitor Unit demonstrating Rentokil pest Control's innovative technology

Can't afford the presence of insects on your premises? If you work in a sensitive sector such as food manufacture or pharmaceutical production, you can't afford even the suggestion of an insect anywhere near your production line.

That's where Rentokil's Insect Monitoring device comes in. Strategic placement of monitoring devices at critical points on your premise will provide ongoing reassurance that insects have been kept at bay.

Should one of the devices detect an insect problem, we have a range of solutions to rectify the situation in even the most sensitive of environments.

Do you require Insect Monitoring Units or any other pest control equipment? 

Ask the Rentokil pest control experts to put in place an IMU to effectively deal with your pest problem.

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