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Image of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) | Rentokil Pest Control Rentokil offers a range of bird and pigeon control services and bird proofing solutions to effectively control bird pest problems with the minimum amount of fuss. Our team of pest control experts can provide effective bird control for your business by putting in place a bird deterrent service that will help you to get rid of pigeons that cause damage to your premises.

We have a variety of bird proofing options from bird netting, bird spikes, installing bird scaring devices and bird repellent sound systems to bird removal options such as bird trapping and bird egg & nest removal to deal with nuisance birds.

Trust the Rentokil pest control experts to put in place an effective bird proofing solution that will keep birds away from your premises and get rid of pigeons perching and nesting on your premises. 

Contact us to arrange a site survey for your commercial premises and we will put in place a professional bird control solution to suit your requirements.

Rentokil offers the following bird proofing solutions:

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