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Bird Repellent Sound System

A Bird repellent solution for effective Bird Control

Looking for a bird deterrent solution to keep birds away? Rentokil Pest Control provides a bird repellent sound system that deters and aids to get rid of pigeons and sparrows from open areas such as balconies, inside ceilings, warehouses and shopping centres where pigeons roost and nest.

The speaker system is a bird control measure that makes use of sound patterns that differ from very soft too loud and annoying and cause birds to relocate. The sound routinely deviates to ensure that birds do not get used to the sound and try to re-enter the premises.

After the bird repellent sound system installation, birds will leave the premises and then arrive after a couple of days in the hope that the sound will stop. They may try to stick it out for a few more days, but then slowly start to leave the area permanently. After a one month, up to 80% of the birds will have relocated from the premises to a more favourable environment where they can perch and nest.

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