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Problems with birds entering or nesting on your premises? 

Rentokil's bird experts can provide you with a quick and effective bird control solution. Our Bird Removal Service is an effective pest control solution where other methods may have failed. It can be beneficial to use this bird control service before bird proofing your premises.

A number of bird removal methods are available to get rid of pigeons and other birds, including humane trapping. Our experienced pest control operatives will always identify the best solution for your individual case.

Our expert pest control specialists will employ a number of bird control removal methods that will help to get rid of pigeons, including humane trapping and egg & nest removal.Egg & nest removal prevents adult birds from raising their young on site, reducing flock size and thus encourages birds to move on. Where a group of birds are involved, trapping birds from the top of the social order will disrupt the flock organisation.

Using these bird control techniques achieves bird pest control efficiently and with a minimum of disruption.

For expert advice on bird removal and other bird control solutions, call the Rentokil Pest Control specialists on +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 or email us to schedule a free site survey.

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