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Technical Support from Rentokil

Here at Rentokil, our experts are equipped with years of in-depth knowledge and training on how to use and apply pest control products for any type of pest infestation - be it rodents, birds, crawling or flying insects. Our professional technicians have years of expertise in the pest control industry, and put together quality service solutions ensuring effective action is taken to deal with pests that can affect your business.

Our Research and Development team is key to us providing an unmatched armory of pest control products and integrated pest management services that are tailored to your specific requirements, keeping you free of pest problems.

Our Products & Services

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Rentokil services and products to solve Bird, Insect & Rodent problems:


Technical Expertise

Pest Control Products and Services from Rentokil

Rentokil provides extensive and unparalleled product and service expertise  


Health & Safety

Health & Safety | Rentokil Uganda

Rentokil possesses expert knowledge of Health & Safety and Pest Control Legislation: