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Protect your belongings from Wood Borer insects

In need of a solution to remove woodworm in your home?

Woodworm describes a number of species of wood-boring beetles that attack wood. The term “woodworm” is used as it is the larval or “worm” stage of the insects’ life where they bore and eat wood.


The threat from woodworm is most severe when they attack timber in buildings. Over time, the woodworm holes weaken the timber and can eventually lead to the collapse of the building. However, wood borer insects are also found in wooden furniture and décor items.

There are various species of wood boring insects including furniture beetles and deathwatch beetles. Consult our wood boring insect pest guide for more information about types of woodworm.

Treating a Wood borer infestation

Wood in furniture and décor may be treated with DIY products available from hardware stores, or by fumigating the affected items. Rentokil currently offers fumigation services in its Cape Town and East Rand branches.

Woodworm in the home should be treated by a company specialising in wood borer treatments, as failing to deal with the problem can lead to structural damage. Rentokil only offers this service for certain commercial customers, depending on their requirements.

Many wood borer infestations go undetected for years by which time the damage can be widespread and severe. It is important to act swiftly if you are concerned that you may have a wood borer problem.

Wood borer treatment by Rentokil

Woodworm is treated by targeting at least one stage in the development of the wood borer beetle. The infestation will be brought under control quickly, but with their long lifecycles it may take a year or more before a wood borer infestation completely dies out.

The wood borer treatment performed by Rentokil is powerful, but is applied at our branch to minimise the exposure to people, pets and the environment.

The woodworm treatment may be applied as a fluid or injected into the wood borer holes to ensure focused treatment, or fogging machines may be used in enclosed areas.

Offering you expert wood borer treatments and expertise

Rentokil has been treating woodworm and wood boring insects for over 45 years in East Africa, providing our clients with experience, craftsmanship and woodworm treatments that we have to deal with your wood borer problem.

Talk to the experts - if you would like further advice about a woodworm problem, call us free on +256 414 287 160 / +256 414 694 494 or email us.