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Termite Control for your Home

Safeguard your home against Termites

No one likes to hear that their home has a termite infestation and you can trust Rentokil’s expert termite control treatment methods and customised protection plans to ensure that you have the best defense in place against termites. 

The characteristics of termites

What are termites?

Termites are social insects that live in colonies. They originate from the soil and generally enter structures undetected via hidden pathways in foundation walls and floors. They primarily live below the soil surface. Like any pest, termites become a problem when they invade your living space. Learn more about termites.

How to spot the differences between Ants and Termites:

Termite Ants are often confused with termites because they are also social, and termites are sometimes called ‘white ants’ or ‘flying ants’. White ants are subterranean ants that are the most common termite found in Uganda.

  • Ants, like wasps, have a constriction half way down their body, whereas in termites the body is uniformly broad.
  • The prominent mounds in the Ugandan countryside are caused by termites, not ants. Whereas ant workers are all females, in termites, workers can be both male and female. 
  • In ants, mating occurs before the nest is founded and the male dies after mating; he does not become a king and live and mate with the queen in the new colony, as is the case with termites.

Termites play a role in breaking down plant material: Termites have symbiotic flagellates or bacteria in their hind guts that are able to break down plant cellulose to a digestible form.

Do you have a termite infestation? Be on the look-out for the following signs:

  • Swarmers - Generally in late winter or early spring, winged reproductive termites emerge and make short flight to areas of bright light. This includes windows, where they often shed their wings leaving a tell tale sign of their presence.
  • Shelter Tubes - Termites build mud tubes to protect themselves from dry air and sunlight as they travel from their underground colony into your house.
  • Termite Damage - As termite workers consume wood they create honey combed galleries which run parallel to the grain of the wood. The problem with termites is that you don't initially see damage until it is too late due to their secretive lifestyle and consumption of wood from the inside out.

Termite Damage

As termites are a species of wood-boring insects, they attack the wood in your property, which weakens the structure of your home. 

Damp Wood Termites

It’s no wonder that termite control is so important, especially when you consider these few facts:

  • Termite damage can, in severe cases and when left untreated over a long period of time, cause your house to become structurally unstable.
  • Although some structures are more prone to termite attack, every house is susceptible to a termite invasion.
  • Many homeowners worry about fire or flooding, but termite damage is much more common.

People are often very concerned when they discover they might have a termite problem. Fortunately, termite control technology has made tremendous advances in recent years. Rentokil’s trained Termite Technicians use the most modern materials and strategies available for effective termite control.

Rentokil’s Termite Control and Treatment Services

The Rentokil Termite Control Specialists are there to guide you through the entire process, from scheduling a free termite inspection, to deciding which termite control treatment or year-round protection plan is right for you, to ensure you get rid of termites and the problems they bring with them.

Make sure you get rid of termites in the first place

Termites can literally be eating away at your home without your knowledge. Knowing what the danger signs of a termite infestation are can help to prevent termite problems. We provide you with some useful termite prevention tips to protect your property from the risk of termite damage and the need for a potentially costly termite control solution.

Termite Treatment Services

Before any termite treatment is undertaken, a Rentokil pest control specialist will determine the type and extent of the infestation. We will provide you with an expert termite treatment solution that best suits your needs, whether it be termiticide (insecticide for termites) or fumigation to kill termites effectively.

Contact the Rentokil Pest Control specialists or a expertly tailored termite control solution.