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Snake Repellent Methods

Minimise the Risks of snakes living in your garden to avoid Snake bites

Before looking at snake repellent methods to keep snakes away, ensure snakes are not entering your house in the first place, and that your garden is not a haven for snakes to take up residence as they would then be much more likely to make their way into your house, garage or any outbuildings you may have.

Repel snakes, and keep snakes away from your home, by ensuring the following:

  • Get rid of snakes in the first place: long grass is a favoured habitat of snakes so keep yours well mown.
  • Keep shrubs trimmed round their base and away from the house to ensure you keep snakes away.
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  • Ensure that tree branches do not overhang your house or seating areas in your garden.
  • Stack your wood on a suitable platform – such as a pallet – off the ground.
  • Regularly sweep up leaves and other garden debris.
  • Fill gaps, cracks and crevices in brick and stone walls to keep snakes away.
  • Wooden decking in seating areas should be solid, rather than slatted, to prevent snakes climbing through it.
  • Be aware that play areas such as wendy houses, tree houses, sand pits etc are potential harbourages for snakes.
  • Compost heaps could potentially attract many different species of wildlife which, in turn, may become the prey of a snake. Ensure that your compost is sealed in a solid structure, preferably raised off the ground, and can be securely sealed against any wildlife, particularly rodents.

‘Proof’ Your House against Snakes

How ‘snake proof’ is your house? Are you aware that a snake, particularly the thinner ones, can get in to your home through a gap the size of a biro or pencil? Also remember that snakes can swim and climb; make sure to carefully inspect your house, garage and all outbuildings to keep snakes away.

You may purchase any number of DIY Pest control products to kill snakes. You should also seal any obvious entry points or Rentokil can survey your premises and advise you on proofing against entry by snakes and rodents.

Snake repellent methods: What to look for when inspecting your property

  • Do you have screens on your windows and doors? Are there gaps around the frame or holes in the actual screening?
  • Do you have gaps under doors in and out of the house, garage doors, shed doors? If so, bristle or sealing strip can be an effective way to seal these and keep snakes away.
  • Are there are holes, cracks or crevices in the brick or plaster work of your house?
  • Are there any holes, cracks and crevices between patio areas or pathways and your house? Drainage areas in patios are a perfect point of entry.
  • Is the gauge size of any grates covering your drains small enough to stop snakes going down it?
  • Make sure that there are no holes in your roof that snakes can get through - particularly if trees overhang your house.
  • Ensure skirting boards do not have gaps under or behind them.
  • To keep snakes away, seal all holes where wiring, plumbing or gas enters your home.
  • Cover gutters and drain pipes with fine gauge mesh.
  • If your home has wooden floorboards, ensure that access to the floor space beneath them is sealed and that gaps between the boards themselves are filled.

Want to keep snakes away? Talk to the experts

Whilst Rentokil does not offer a service to remove snakes, we can provide further advice on how to minimise the risk of snakes in your home and garden, or put you in touch with someone who will be able to assist with snake removal.

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