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Rat poison, rat traps, or rat bait?

Products help to get rid of rats

Wonder what to do about your rat problem? Do you have a rat infestation and toy with the idea of eliminating rats with rat poison, rat bait or rat traps? Or do you want to remove rats from your home with modern ultrasonic waves? There are many rat control products on the market to get rid of rats in the home.

First things first: there is no single product that can offer a 100% guarantee to completely get rid of rats. The result is simply lost money as well as wasted time, since these pesky critters can multiply rapidly and very quickly become a real plague in your house or garden.

If effective rodent control is not implemented quickly, a rat infestation can quickly spread. A wide range of DIY rat control products - such as rat traps and rat poison - are available in DIY stores, garden centres and grocery stores. These may be partly effective for dealing with rats in low risk areas.

Trust the experts to give you an overview of what to make of rat traps, rat poison, rat bait and ultrasound rat repellent equipment and whether these products really deliver what is promised in flowery advertising copy.

Rat poison / Rat Bait

Rat poison is mostly sold in corrosion, or finished bait form. These kinds of rat baits are applied in a bait bags. Bait bags are mostly used outside, and may only be used inside rat bait box or rat trap. Moreover, preventive measures must be put in place to prevent children, pets or livestock from consuming the rat bait.

Rat Poison

In addition to rat bait placed inside a rat trap or bait box, liquid bait bags should also be used every day, as rats need drink about 60 ml of water a day. The placement of liquid rat poison inside buildings is only recommended if there are no alternative water sources available.

Besides for the use of rat baits, there are contact gels and powders which can also be used inside buildings. These are mostly used along walkways, nesting sites and in confined areas, such as wall openings. Rat poison in the form of contact powder and gel attaches itself to the fur of rats and is spread and consumed during their cleaning reflex.

The main problem with rat poison:

Due to alternative food sources, the edible bait is often not accepted satisfactorily. In addition, there is a latent danger for children and pets, especially if the output and control is not properly placed eg. in rat traps. Another problem with rat poison is the increasing resistance in rats, where they become immune to the effects of rat poison.

Rentokil advises that a professional rat control provider be consulted to get rid of rats in the home, before the problem escalates.

Rat traps

Different rat traps are available on the market; from snap traps to live traps. The goal is to catch rats, either dead or alive. With live trap systems (such as Trip Trap) the Animal Welfare Act dictates that regular checks of the rat traps at shorter intervals are required.Another type of rat trap is the so-called “snap trap” which are sold with a rat bait. The rat steps into the trap and is killed on the spot. Rat traps are a relatively old –fashioned way of catching rodents.

Rat Traps

The main problem with rat traps:

In the case of heavy rat infestations, there are always a number of case-shy rats, making complete control impossible. In addition, only a pest control expert can effectively distinguish between nesting grounds and walkways and therefore stage rat traps in the most targeted and effective area possible. 

Rat traps are not 100% reliable and are not likely to ward off a rat infestation in general. Rentokil therefore advises to use a professional, integrated rat control solution to get rid of rats.

Ultrasonic Rat Traps

Devices that are supposed to eliminate rats by means of ultrasonic and infrasonic waves, vibrations or similar physical properties do not work.

Ultrasonic Rat Repellent Image

The problem with ultrasonic rat traps: 

Scientific experiments have clearly shown that there is no causal relationship between the use of such devices and the success of expulsion or prevention of decolonization by rats.

It is better to rather stay away from devices such as ultrasound rat traps, and contact the Rentokil pest control experts to carry out a professional rat control solution to keep rats away.


Remember: It is essential to follow the instructions carefully for safe and effective use and to ensure humane rat control. Rat traps are very powerful and should never be used in areas that children, pets and wildlife can reach.

Call the Rentokil Pest Control Experts on +256 414 287 160 / +256 414 694 494 or email us for a professional rodent control solution that eliminates rats on your premises.

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