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Rats, where do they come from?

The most notorious rat of them all, the Rattus rattus, also known as the black rat or roof rat, have entered ports of East Africa, including Northwest Uganda via transport modes (via trains, trucks and boats) in the 1800's. As these rats are disease carriers, they were a key role player in the spread of the "black death" plague in the 14th century,  the Justinian plage in the 16th century, as well as the bubonic plague that attacked the health of humans in the 20th century.

Many of these plagues were spread by flea-born diseases, as rodents are carries of fleas. In recent times, they have been known to commonly spread diseases such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease, E.coli and Tuberculosis, and fleas, mites and ticks cause acute allergic reactions.

Species of rats found in Uganda:

The most common species are the Rattus rattus (black rat) and the Rattus norvegicus (brown rat). Other commonly found rat species are:

  • Arvicanthis niloticus (known as the Nile Rat, African Grass Rat or Kusu Rat)
  • Lophuromys flavopunctatus (Yellow-spotted Brush-Furred Rat)
  • Lophuromys sikapusi (Rusty-Bellied Brush-Furred Rat)
  • Tachyoryctes splendens (East African mole rat)

Learn more about rats found in Uganda.

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Protecting Your Home and Family from Rats

If rats are getting into your home, it’s an extremely serious problem, even if they are not directly entering a living area. Any rat problem inside the home must be treated urgently. Rats in the garden and other external areas can also be a high risk, particularly in areas used by children or pets. It is important to get rid of rats in the garden and implement rodent control solutions to reduce the risk of rodents trying to enter your home.

Get Rid of rats that cause damage

Watch Scamper Mouse in action to learn more about rodents and their pesky behaviour.

How to spot the Warning Signs indicating a potential Rat Problem

Rats are nocturnal and usually hide from humans. Typical signs of a rat infestation in the home are:

  • scratching noises,
  • droppings,
  • a distinctive ammonia-like smell,
  • damage to cables, furniture and concrete finishings,
  • ripped food packaging,
  • nests in the home and burrows in your garden.

Learn how to spot the signs of a rat infestation.

How to get rid of rats in your home

There are various actions that you can take to keep rats away and prevent your rat problem from escalating:

Seal any cracks, gaps and vents that may act as entry points through which rats can gain access, and also ensure that food is stored away in containers so as not to attract rodents. Make sure that outdoor refuse is kept in closed bins. See more tips on how to get rid of rats.

Rat poison, rat traps and rat bait

A rat infestation can quickly get out of hand if an effective rodent control programme is not implemented. A wide range of DIY rat control products - such as rat repellent devices, rat traps or rat bait - are available in DIY stores, garden centres and grocery stores, and are usually suitable for dealing with rats in low risk areas. These solutions will help you get rid of rats in your home in the short term. See products to get rid of rats.

Professional Rat Control

While amateur DIY rodent control products are a cost effective way to regulate a rat problem in low risk areas, professional pest control is required for high risk areas, more established rat colonies or where there are repeated rat infestations. Rentokil’s qualified service technicians will provide you with a highly targeted rat control treatment to get rid of rats and effectively deal with any rat problem. Our Pest Control Specialists will provide you with expert advice on how to keep your home free of rats in the future.

Offering our customers a call-out service:

Rentokil offers a call-out service to our residential customers who are in need of rat control solutions as well as advice on how to get rid of rats and other pest problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

If you would like further advice on how to get rid of rats, or to arrange a visit from one of our pest control technicians, please call us free on +256 414 287 160 / +256 414 694 494 or drop us a line.