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Rodents & Snakes

Rodents - or any other wildlife - in your home and garden can also damage the structure of buildings and destroy crops and gardens.

Rats and mice in the garden and outdoor areas are risks to children and pests that play in and use outside areas. Rodents can enter in the home and pose health threats by spreading of illnesses such as Weil's disease, salmonella, E.Coli and TB. On the other hand, moles can ruin gardens by digging tunnels and creating mole hills. Lastly, snakes can be harmful in the sense that some species' bites can be toxic. 

Follow the links below to read about possible diseases some of these pests carry and about the habits and lifecycles of rats, mice, snakes and moles, and exclude them from your property using DIY Products or by taking advantage of our Professional Pest Control services.