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How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home

Control flies and keep flies away

To ensure you exercise proper control over these pesky flying insects, it is important not to attract flies with food sources or provide areas for fly larvae to develop:

  • Always cover food; flies spread disease by landing on food before we eat it. Clear away food and liquid spillages immediately and also take care to clean food debris from under kitchen appliances.
  • Make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids.
  • Keep compost enclosed and covered.
  • Clean up after pets; faeces are the perfect breeding place for flies. This is an area of concern as flies may come into contact with faeces before landing on your food.

Prevent flies from being able to develop in still-standing water:

  • Ensure that your drains are kept clear and running: treat drains that seem to contain flies with bleach, and ensure gutters and water gullies are not blocked. Control your fly problem by covering water butts with a lid and not leaving water around (e.g. in watering cans).
  • Introduce goldfish into garden ponds to eat fly larvae.

Finally prevent flies entering your home:

  • After dark, keep windows and doors closed or block out the light with curtains.
  • Control flies by fitting fly screens to windows, especially around kitchen and waste areas

How to Get Rid of Flies

A wide range of DIY fly control products are available to kill flies, such as fly sprays and insect repellent, but an established fly infestation may require professional pest control to assist in getting rid of flies on your property.

A Professional Fly Control Solution

House Fly (Musca Domestica) While DIY products can deal with a smaller fly problem, a professional pest control service will be required to treat a larger fly infestation. Expert Rentokil technicians understand the habits of each fly species and also have a range of powerful insecticides that will provide the reassurance that the fly problem has been alleviated.

Rentokil will provide you with a fly control solution based on your individual situation. We offer regular services to control flies, flying insects and other pest problems in the home. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets. 

If you would like further advice on how to get rid of flies or to arrange a visit by a Rentokil technician, call us free on +256 414 287 160 or +256 414 694 494 or email us.