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Talpa europaea



  • Moles are 15cm in length and 75–130g in weight.
  • Their ‘velvety’ fur is slate-grey in colour
  • Moles have short palm–like front feet used for digging.


  • Moles have 1 litter per year with 3–4 young.


  • Moles feed on earthworms, insect larvae and slugs.
  • They are present on most ground below an altitude of 1000m. Moles are known to disfigure lawns with molehills and cause damage to farm machinery such as combine harvesters by throwing up stones.
  • Livestock may injure their legs in mole tunnels.
  • Moles are solitary apart from breeding February to June.

Experiencing problems with Moles? Rentokil does not currently offer a mole service however we can put you in touch with someone in your area who specialised in mole control.