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House Mouse

Mus domesticus


House Mouse

  • The House Mouse is 7 – 9.5cm in length, with a tail around the same length as their body.
  • The House Mouse is 12 – 30g in weight.
  • Their relatively small feet & head, and large eyes & ears distinguish them from a young brown rat (Rattus norvegicus).


  • A House Mouse has 4 – 16 young per litter; 7 – 8 litters a year.
  • Their gestation period is about 3 weeks.
  • The House Mouse reaches sexual maturity around 8 – 12 weeks from birth.


  • House mice are usually ground living and burrowing, but often climb.
  • The Preferred food of a House Mouse is cereal.
  • A House Mouse will eat around 3g of food per day and can survive without any additional water. They will drink up to 3ml a day if their diet is particularly dry.