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Wood Boring Weevil

Euophryum sp


Wood-boring Weevil

  • Adult Wood Boring Weevils are 2.5 to 5mm in length.
  • The weevils are reddish brown to black. They have a long snout, a cylindrical body and short legs.
  • The larvae are creamy white C-shaped, wrinkled and legless.


  • Eggs of the Wood Boring Weevils are laid singly by the female in specially evacuated holes. They are glossy, white, flexible and flattened at one end. They hatch within 16 days.
  • The larvae tunnel in the wood for between six months and a year. They pupate near the surface for between two to three weeks.
  • The adult Wood Boring Weevil emerges in the summer by boring its way leaving exit holes. The adults may live for over a year.


  • Damage caused by the Wood Boring Weevil is associated with damp and decaying wood, particularly timber already rotted by cellar fungus. Infestations can spread to adjacent healthy wood.