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Varied Carpet Beetle

Anthrenus verbasci


Varied Carpet Beetle
  • The Varied Carpet Beetle is 3 mm in length, and has a ladybird shape.
  • Patterns vary according to species, but often the Carpet Beetle is a mixture of black, white and yellow.
  • Larvae of this species of Carpet Beetle are 4–5 mm length. This beetle is brown and hairy with three bunches of spear–headed hairs either side of the rear segments.
  • The pupa is formed in the last larval skin.


  • Normally one generation per year, but possibly two in warm temperatures.
  • Female Varied Carpet Beetles can lay up to 40 eggs and the number of larval instars range from 7–8 stages.
  • It takes 8 months to a year for the larvae of Varied Carpet Beetles to develop in to adults. Thereafter, adults only live for up to 2 – 6 weeks.


  • Larvae of these Carpet Beetles will roll up when disturbed. Hairs may be an irritant to some people.
  • Larvae are known as “woolly bears”.
  • The Varied Carpet Beetle is commonly found in museums and houses. Adults feed outdoors often on Spiraea plants, dead insects, spiders, and even nectar and pollen.
  • Mating takes place outdoors, after which the varied carpet beetle flies indoors to lay eggs.
  • The Varied Carpet Beetle is a common inhabitant of birds nests.

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