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Fur Beetle

Attagenus pellio


Fur Beetle
  • The adult Fur Beetle is 4–6 mm in length, with an elongate oval body shape. This beetle has one small patch of white on each wing case; otherwise it is red–brown to black in colour.
  • The larvae are 6 mm in length and have long orange tufts of hair on the last abdominal segment, and have a banded appearance.
  • The pupa of the Fur Beetle is formed in the last larval skin.


  • Mating of Fur Beetles takes place outdoors, after which they fly indoors to lay eggs.
  • Normally one generation per year, but the development of the Fur Beetle may extend to a period of three years.


  • Fur Beetles are a common inhabitant of birds’ nests.
  • Adults feed outdoors often on Spiraea plants.
  • Larvae attack furs, skins, woolens, etc. and stored grain.

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