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Anopheles Mosquito

Anopheles spp.


Anopheles Mosquito

  • The adult Anopeheles mosquito is pale in colour and has dark marks on its wings.
  • Adults rest parallel from the surface of the water, where larvae rest parallel to surface of the water.
  • Eggs are about 1mm long and float on their sides.


  • It takes 6 – 10 days for the egg to develop into the adult stage.
  • Complete metamorphosis consists out of the egg, larval, pupa and adult lifecycle stage.


  • Habitat: the Anopheles mosquito prefers clean and unpolluted water.
  • Mosquito bites: the biting rhythm takes place at night, where it rests indoor and outdoor (depends on species)
  • This species of mosquito prefers darker colours.
  • With one blood meal, the female can lay 50 – 150 eggs.
  • The Anopheles mosquito is the main vector for Malaria.

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