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Vinegar Fly

Drosphila melanogaster


Vinegar Fly

  • Vinegar Flies are 3mm in length and are yellow–brown or mottled in colour with bright red eyes.
  • Their abdomen hangs downwards, which slows them down in flight.
  • They tend to hover.


  • The female Vinegar Fly can lay up to 500 eggs.
  • The larvae develop into an adult in about 7 days.
  • The adult Vinegar Fly only lives for about 2 weeks


  • The Vinegar Fly breeds in fermenting residues found in pubs, fruit and vegetables, breweries, etc.
  • The larvae of Vinegar Flies feed on bacteria and the yeast in rotting fruit and vegetables.
  • Dirty drains and cleaning utensils may also be a breeding area for Vinegar Flies.