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Sand Fly

Spiriverpa lunulata


Sand Fly

  • The Adult Sand Fly is 10–11mm in length. The body is pale grey, its eyes are bronze–brown, and its legs are dark reddish–brown in colour.


  • Adult Sand Flies breed from April through to September.
  • The larvae of Sand Flies can take up to two years to develop and lives in loose sand.
  • In the pupal stage, the larvae curls into a circle or “u” shape lasting one or two weeks.


  • Adult Sand Flies live on sandy riverbanks with an open habitat free of shading trees.
  • The larvae of stiletto flies are active soil predators.
  • Sand Flies are known to bite and sting. It is only the female Sand Fly that is responsible for biting and sucking the blood of mammals, reptiles and birds. She requires the protein in the blood to make her eggs. Sand Flies also bite humans, leaving behind an itchy rash.