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Lesser House Fly

Fannia canicularis


House Fly (Musca Domestica)

  • The Adult Lesser Fly is 4–6mm in length. Its thorax is grey in colour with 3 faint black stripes - the abdomen of the female Lesser House Fly is grey and ovoid; whereas the male’s abdomen is narrow with pale yellow patches. The fourth wing vein of the Lesser House Fly is not bent.
  • The Larva of the Lesser House Fly is pale brown, ovoid with whip–like protuberances around the edges.


  • The eggs of the Lesser House Fly hatches in 24 hours. The larvae and pupae take 1 – 4 weeks to mature.
  • Larvae can take in 3 – 60 days to mature, whereas the pupae matures in 3 – 28 days.


  • Lesser House Flies breed in semi–liquid decaying organic matter.
  • These flies are not attracted to ultra violet light.
  • The Male Lesser House Fly has an irregular flight pattern.