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Dusky Cockroach

Ectobius lapponicus


Dusky Cockroach

  • Adult males are 9–11mm in length, whereas females are 6–8mm in length.
  • The body of the Dusky Cockroach is dark grey–brown, except for the male’s dark pronotum and the female’s dark brown abdomen.


  • The Dusky cockroach’s egg cases (oothecae) are produced and carried by the female for one or two days between January to April.
  • The oothecae over winter on the ground and the nymphs hatch in the spring.
  • The nymphs hibernate during the late stages of development to become adults in February.
  • The adults die between April and May.


  • The Dusky cockroach is mainly ground–dwelling and favours scrub, grassland and woodland habitats.
  • Male Dusky cockroaches only fly in warm weather.