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Brown Banded Cockroach

Supella longipalpa


Brown Banded Cockroach

  • The Brown banded cockroach is 10 - 15 mm in length.
  • It is yellow-brown in colour.
  • Both sexes have wings, but those of the male are longer.
  • Brown banded cockroaches prefer to run (they may fly at very high temperatures).


  • Females deposit the ootheca (egg case) containing 16 eggs a day after production.
  • The ootheca of the Brown banded cockroach are cemented down and widely scattered.
  • Eggs hatch in 1 – 2 months.
  • Nymphs develop into adults after 2 – 4 months.


  • Brown banded cockroaches choose heated buildings as their harborage and are widely dispersed throughout.
  • They are nocturnal, only making their appearance at night time.
  • Brown banded cockroaches are omnivorous and will eat just about anything they can find, from food scraps to garbage, paper products and leather.