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Roger's Ant

Hypoponera punctatissima


Roger's Ant

  • The Roger’s ant is reddish brown in colour.
  • Worker ants are 2mm in length.
  • Roger’s ants have one large segment at the pedicel. The first two segments of the abdomen are constricted.
  • The Roger’s ant is known to sting.


  • Little is known about the life cycle.


  • Worker ants forage randomly and lay no trails as live prey are hunted, especially springtails. This type of ant species is rarely seen outdoors.
  • Swarming characteristics: Roger’s ants will swarm all year round. Winged adults are often found in electric fly killers.
  • Ants nest locations: ants nests are found in damp residues and debris, as well as in crevices around drains and behind broken wall tiles.

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