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While having an ant infestation on your premises may be a source of annoyance, the most common ant species - the Garden Ant - is not thought to carry disease. However, considering that ants frequently travel through unsanitary areas before they end up on your countertops, one should always look out for the signs of an infestation.

Ants enter homes in search of food and water as they need proteins and carbohydrates in their diet and are especially attracted to sweet foods. Considering that ants leave a pheromone trail back to their nests, for other ants to follow the food source, you should take steps to get rid of ants at the first sign of an ant problem.

Contact us for advice about ants or to arrange for an ant control expert to visit your premises. We will put in place an ant repellent solution that will get rid of ants that invade your premises. We will also implement continued ant control solutions to ensure your ant infestation does not re-occcur.

Ants native to Uganda and Eastern Africa:

  • Driver Ants (also called siafu ants) can become a risk when they enter the home due to their powerful jaws that can cause harmful bites to humans, and form a large marching column when they move their nests in search of alternative food sources. 
  • Golden Spiny Ant: These ants are omnivorous and collect nectar. Although they are not as aggressive as the Driver Ants, they can become a nuisance as they can move indoors in search of sweet foods.

Read about the main types of ant species found in homes below: