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Good Housekeeping By Rentokil

19 March, 2014

Six areas of any hotel are particularly prone to pest infestation and these are pointed out on the “hotel risk map” published by expert pest control company Rentokil. The map – which should be displayed where supervisors and cleaning staff can refer to it - points to bedrooms, laundries, restaurant/bar, kitchens, waste areas and even spa’s which need special attention. It also graphically illustrates the type of pests which will occur in these areas if they not cleaned on a daily basis and regularly monitored by pest control specialists. Most common are cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, flies, rats, mice, ants and birds, says Rentokil quality assurance manager, Deena Govender.

Kitchens, refuse areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas and bars are prone to cockroaches, flies, fleas and ants, while bedrooms, store rooms and laundry areas are good hiding places for bedbugs. Like people or animals, pests also require food, warmth, shelter and undisturbed places to feed and breed. Proper construction of the hotel building and first-rate cleaning procedures will go a long way to make the environment inaccessible or unattractive to pests. “Poor housekeeping and inadequate proofing materials are the main causes of pests thriving in certain premises. Improve these and you’ll find pest management much easier,” says Deena.

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