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Rentokil - Driving Pests out of your Business

The Ugandan motor trade industry has become an integral player in the global market. The industry is constantly plagued with numerous challenges – don’t let pests be one of them. This highly competitive industry constantly demands differentiation.

Downtime in productivity can have grave consequences on your bottom line.


Don’t let pest infestations be the cause of downtime in your business. The environment in which your business operates does create favorable conditions for pest infestations. The warmth and shelter that the motor vehicles provide can form ideal breeding grounds for these intruders. The damage to your business assets can place even greater pressure on your tight margins. The spread of diseases due to pest infestations can have detrimental effects on both your employees and customers.

The further effects are extended to the damage of your business credibility – why take this risk? Call in the professionals in the industry. Rentokil has skilled service technicians that have an extensive knowledge on the life-cycles and habitats of a wide range of pests.

A Rentokil Service Technician will conduct a survey of your premises before developing an effective pest management program. The proactive approach that the program is based on provides the re-assurance that your Company image is maintained and pest infestation risks are minimised. The program will consist of a series of regular service treatments and would contain the principles of pest control – this being the elimination and destruction of pests coupled with consistent monitoring and inspections.

Shift a gear in maintaining a pest free zone – Contact us now.