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Keeping your premises free of pest problems keeps your customers coming back for more

How can pest control help make sure that my guests keep returning?


This may be a strange question at first glance, but Rentokil understands that your number one aim is to have satisfied customers who keep on coming back. You need to ensure that the environment the guests experience is clean and pleasant; that bedrooms are available when needed; and that the food and drink on offer is of the quality they expect from you. When all of this is right the name and reputation of your establishment become stronger.

Rentokil’s pest control services for the hospitality industry can help you to deliver a great guest experience by

  • Keeping room availability high & ensuring a pest-free environment in the kitchens and public spaces through the use of market leading monitoring programmes and technology.
  • Ensuring a fast and effective response if pest infestations do occur
  • Minimising disruption from pests to your guests and staff - thanks to our discrete service at times that suit you.

And at the same time we can make your life a little easier too, so that you can focus on other areas of your responsibility. We do this by

  • Working to minimise the time you need to spend on pest control issues
  • Giving you clear budgets – all costs known up front
  • Helping to maintain the positive reputation of the business
  • In summary – giving you peace of mind

Click here to see details on Rentokil’s Pest management programmes for the hospitality industry.

What are the risks my establishment faces?

From our experience of dealing with pest control in the hospitality industry, we know that different areas have very different levels of risk attached to them. Our Zone Risk Map shows which areas provide the greatest risk to your business, and from which pests

What can Rentokil do to help me?

We offer two levels of pest management programmes.

If you are looking for a pest control service that:

  • Reduces the risks of getting a pest infestation
  • Guarantees to quickly control any problems as they occur
  • Demonstrates you are complying with local regulations
  • Minimises the time you have to spend thinking about it
  • Gives you control over how much is spent, and when

Use our Pest Prevention Programme

If you are looking for a pest control service that:

  • Protects your brand and reputation
  • Gives you total peace of mind
  • Ensures no disruption to hotel services
  • Covers all hotel pests
  • Provides comprehensive reporting ,with the option of an up to date online report
  • Uses the latest technology

Use the Advanced Protection Service

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