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Entertainment Complexes

Don't allow pests to do the entertaining

In this fast paced world of ours time-out sessions are becoming increasingly popular. Escaping the “rat race” is fast becoming a necessity thus leading to the ever increasing demand for entertainment complexes. Your business provides the glitz and glamour that patrons need to escape the mundane routine of everyday life. Creating the perfect environment for relaxation, entertainment and fun becomes a strenuous task at hand.

Entertainment Complexes

The use of state of the art security systems protects your patrons from criminal elements - but what about invasions from other undesirable elements?

The least of your worries should be on those “unwanted patrons”.

At Rentokil we protect your business environment from pests. Our innovative, technologically advanced, highly effective range of products and services will ensure that your entertainment complex does not provide entertainment for pests.

Our technicians will design an integrated pest management program which utilizes a pro-active approach. They render regular services which are inclusive of in-depth inspections and monitoring. At the completion of services, the service technician provides a detailed feedback session on the status of your business. Regular QA, (Quality Assurance), reviews are performed by our experienced QA Managers to ensure that best practices are being implemented at your business.

Join Rentokil today and you can have peace of mind whilst entertaining.