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Catering and Fast Food Outlets

Take out the convenience for your pests

Customer satisfaction and establishing your brand is what gives you the edge factor in this industry. In this highly competitive industry, your business cannot take the risk of poor image or inferior quality of food.

Fast Food

As a business on the go, timing is everything, hence having obstacles in your operations can be extremely detrimental to your business.

Having a food preparation environment ,makes your business an easy target for unwanted pests. The abundance of food, water and harborage that your environment presents, is a paradise for pests.

Ensuring that your business is hygienic at all times requires constant monitoring. As a business on the go, you cannot afford to experience down time due the invasion of pests. Food contamination can have serious consequences for your business. A proactive approach can avoid these threats to your business.

Rentokil offers businesses in this industry a pest management program that ensures that the risk of pest infestations is kept out. Our experienced technical staff will perform a comprehensive management program on your premises using the most effective and safe products and services.

Looking for convenience in managing pests – then look no further than Rentokil.