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Don’t let pests distract our education

Education and training is key to the development of our country. Creating a conducive learning environment is a major task. Pests in your environment can be detrimental to the health of your students. The ongoing challenges that face the education fraternity have been critical over the past decade. Pests in a learning environment can put a dampener on the process. Insufficient resources are constant threats that face the education sector. An absolute necessity in this environment is an effective risk management system.


At Rentokil, we are committed to nurturing our future generations and do provide solutions to aid this process. Our friendly consultants will conduct an in-depth survey of your premises and customize an appropriate pest management program. With Rentokil as a partner, you can be assured at all times that your students can focus and not be distracted. By using the safe and innovative products and technology, Rentokil service technicians are able to rid your environment of pests. The pest management program offers regular services, which are inclusive of emergency call-outs. Quick and reliable response is what Rentokil will offer you when that emergency springs up.

At Rentokil, we believe in a partnership approach, hence educating our customers in pest management is prioritized. The utmost precautions are taken when our technical experts service your premises. Learning centres are susceptible environments therefore the use of a credible service provider is essential. The burden of pest infestations should not be your responsibility –let Rentokil take care of it.