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Ubuntu does not extend to pests

A community service is what links citizens and builds a nation. As institutions with limited resources, it is essential that your resources are preserved and utilized with utmost care and efficiency. The slightest risk to these resources can create obstacles in realizing the objectives. Why take that risk? Pests in your institution can be very daunting and hazardous. Let Rentokil take care of your risk. Our dedicated team of consultants will provide you with an appropriate pest management program to suit the needs of your institution. The program is designed after an in-depth survey is conducted. The principals of professional pest management are embedded in the products and services we deliver. The majority of products that are used are environmentally compatible; hence it impacts only on pests and not on people or the environment. Harmony between people and environment is an essential ingredient in developing a sustainable planet for our future generations and communities.


The pest management program will have a regular servicing schedule, during which our service technician use innovative and technological solutions to keep your institution pest free. These skilled teams, having many years of expertise in the industry, will impart their knowledge to employees at the institution. The ongoing learning and constant communication between our service teams and your staff can provide re-assurance that your institution will not have to face the risk of “intruders “
As experts in pest control, let Rentokil take care of your needs, while you build the nation.

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