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Wasps and Bees

Wasp and Bee removal for your busines

Need bee removal solution, or want to get rid of wasps on your premises?

It can be very annoying to have wasps and bees constantly buzzing around your business premises. The very presence of wasps and bees may prevent customers from entering your building, or from eating in your restaurant as many people are cautious of wasp or bee stings. If there is a high number of wasps and bees on your property it may mean that there are bee hives or a hornets’ nest nearby.

The most effective wasp and bee removal method is to remove the wasp nest / bee hive from your property. If wasps and bees are not quickly treated, they could have a serious affect on your business:

Danger Signs

The signs listed below can indicate if you may require professional help to get rid of wasps and bees:

  • Live or dead wasps and/ or bees.
  • Bee hives / hornets nests : under attics, in lofts, in bushes or trees, etc.
  • Noise: constant buzzing or humming.

Potential Harm

If you ignore the problem of wasps and bees on your property then the untreated infestations can cause:

  • Contamination of foodstuffs.
  • Threat of wasp stings / bee stings: some people could have very bad allergic reactions to a wasp stings or bee stings, which could be fatal.
  • The Africanised Honey Bee (also known as the "killer bee") found in Uganda, is quite an aggressive insect and are easily provoked. Once disturbed they will attach in a swarm to protect their hive. Should you notice the presence of bees on your premises, be sure to call in a professional bee keeper to take care of the situation before they cause any harm to your guests, visitors or staff.

Business Consequences

Any type of pest problem, including problems with discovering a bee hive or hornets nest on your premises, could have serious consequences for your business:

  • Alarm: some customers may become uncomfortable and may decide to leave your premises or not to enter at all.
  • Financial loss: if your business loses customers it can reflect on negatively your reputation and result in a loss of income.
  • Low morale amongst co-workers: fear amongst your co-workers can lead to absence and difficulties in hiring new colleagues.

Steps To Take

Actions to take for bee removal and to get rid of wasp nests:

  • Arrange for regular inspections of your property by a qualified pest control technician, who will put in place a customised pest management program based on your wasp or bee problem.
  • Use insect proofing: proof your premises with insect screens and doors to prevent access by wasps and bees.
  • Follow our good housekeeping recommendations and advice given by your pest control specialist on how to get rid of bees and wasps on your premises

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