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Termite Control

Protecting your Premises from a Termite Problem

Termites are considered to be amongst the most destructive pests in the world, and can cause serious damage to your business or commercial property. 

In audited facilities, the presence of termite swarmers (alates) inside your building can impact your production line, leading to a potential closure. In the Ugandan food and agricultural industry, termites can also pose a financial risk in the sense that various species of termites infest maize by destroying the roots and the stem of the plant. Termites can even cause a mass destruction crops. As termites prefer to feed on wood, and especially timber, they can cause serious damage to commercial businesses.

The most common termites in Uganda are Subterranean termites - also referred to as White Ants. Learn more about Termites.

Protecting your business from termite damage can help to reduce expensive repair costs and avoid other financial losses associated with a termite infestation.

Is Your Business at Risk of Termites?

Danger Signs of a Termite Problem

  • Look for termite mud tubes (tubes built from dirt and other materials) in the sub-floor area, foundations, skirting boards, cornices, moldings and roof timbers.
  • Soft floor boards, bulging, staining or rippling of painted timbers
  • Bits of dried mud falling from joints in walls when tapped.
  • Some species of termites make a “clicking” noise, which is usually heard at night time.

Damage that can be caused by Termites:

  • Expensive timber damage and repair costs.
  • Insurance does not cover termite damage ( as the risk is too high, and too costly).
  • Termites can be difficult  to detect and can gain entry to homes, building and structures via underground tunnels originating from their nests (which can be up to 100m away).

Business Consequences

  • Damage to building structure and furnishings
  • Costs associated with termite damage can be considerable; temporary shut-down of the business may be necessary.

Steps to take for Termite Control

Rentokil offers a variety of termite control solutions to suit a range of needs and budgets:

  • Termite inspection: We will conduct an initial termite inspection of your property to determine your level of infestation and recommend a suitable termite control solution for your premises.
  • Frequent termite inspections: To give you peace of mind and deal with any problems early, we perform inspections before and after construction, to get rid of termites before they cause serious implications.
  • Termite monitoring: To act as a strong defense against termites. We put in place a pest management solution to help control termites and prevent termite problems from re-occurring.
  • Termite Treatment: Our pest control specialists will implement fast and efficient termite treatment solutions using approved materials and products (sometimes chemical methods) with no disruption to your daily operations.

In need of a termite treatment solution for your premises? Rentokil offers a termite control service to help your business deal with termites and/or help prevent future infestations, from pre-construction all the way through to regular inspections. Call us today at +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 or email us to book a visit from your local Rentokil pest control technician.

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