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Other Biting Insects

Are you having problems with pests invading your premises?

See below for the dangers associated with biting insects and how to get rid of bugs and biting insects on you premises:

Danger Signs

  • Live insects and their bites.
  • Skin irritation.

Potential Harm from biting insects

Insect infestations on the premises can:

  • Cause customers to leave immediately.
  • Severely damage employee relations.
  • Lead to staff absence and resignations.

Business Consequences

  • Trust: immediate impact on customer and employee trust.
  • Damage: serious damage to your health and hygiene reputation.
  • Cost: lost revenue when customers and staff leave.

Steps to take in case of biting insects

  • Species identification is a priority; you’ll need professional help with this. A few biting insects that can be commonly found are bed bugs and fleas.
  • Insecticide spray treatments to get rid of pests.
  • Learn what actions to take in treating insect bites.
  • Regular schedule of inspections by qualified pest technicians to prevent recurrence of insect infestations.

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