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Cockroach Control for Your Business

Are you worried about the impact of cockroach problems? 

Cockroaches on your property can pose significant health problems, as cockroaches spread illnesses such as salmonella, typoid and gastoentitis to name a few. Their droppings can also cause eczema and asthma. Having this insect in your business, especially if you are handling food can result in a negative perception of your business and lead to a higher rate of employee absenteeism.

Cockroaches also contaminate and damage stock which can result in financial loss.

Cockroach Control for your Business

If you are in the food industry or manage bars and restaurants, you need to be especially aware of the risk from cockroaches to your stored food products, although cockroaches can do damage to all types of materials.

Rentokil Pest Control will tailor-make the perfect cockroach control solution to meet your requirements; we will treat your cockroach infestation a range of insecticides and insect proofing solutions to effectively control cockroaches. We will further provide you with advice on how to get rid of cockroaches in your business.

Danger Signs

  • Live cockroaches
  • Cockroach droppings (also referred to as “faecal pellets”) which are black/dark brown in colour, cylindrical and less than 2mm long. These are produced when water is scarce. If water is readily available, liquid excreta or smear marks are produced which are brown and irregular in shape.
  • Dead cockroaches, as well as traces of egg cases and cast skins. 

Read about how to spot the signs of a cockroach infestation.

Potential Harm from Cockroaches

A cockroach infestation on your business or residential premises can:

Oriental Cockroach
  • Spread diseases: cockroaches carry disease organisms such as salmonella (food poisoning) and E. coli (Gastro-enteritis) which can be spread through saliva and excreta.
  • Cockroaches contaminate foodstuffs, and this can have a detrimental effect on the health of your staff and clients.
  • Cockroaches damage goods such as leather, books, pictures etc. and will eat almost anything.
  • If left untreated, these pesky critters breed uncontrollably, making it more difficult to get rid of cockroaches.

Why your Business needs Cockroach Control

  • Alarm: immediate loss of customer and employee trust.
  • Damage: to goods, foodstuffs and your health and hygiene reputation.
  • Cost: the cost of cockroach damage can be considerable. Temporary closure may be necessary.

Steps to take for Cockroach Control

  • Call Rentokil Pest Control on +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 or email us to ensure you receive the most effective method of commercial cockroach control for your business.
  • Deploy appropriate insecticides such as non-toxic RID (Rentokil Insect Dust). See our range of cockroach control services.
  • Arrange regular night inspections by our qualified pest control technicians, as cockroaches are nocturnal
  • Organise regular cockroach monitoring with cockroach traps and Insect Monitor Units as a pest management tool in order to prevent the cockroach infestation from spreading.

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