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Bird Control

Do you require a professional bird control solution for your business or building? 

Are you worried about pesky birds damaging your commercial property and scaring away your customers? Bird control is essential to get rid of pigeons and birds on your premises, particularly feral pigeons.

Rentokil Pest Control offers a range of bird control services, including bird netting, and electronic bird scarer and bird repellent sound system devices, as bird proofing solutions to help keep birds away from your property and reduce your maintenance and cleaning costs.

Contact Rentokil Pest Control on +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 or email us for a FREE site survey, or for more information and advice about bird control solutions.

Did you know that birds on your premises can cause potential harm?

Birds on the premises can:

Image of Feral Pigeons (Columba livia) | Rentokil Pest Control
  • Spread diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella.
  • Deface buildings and foul entryways with their droppings, which can become slippery and hazardous.
  • Damage vehicles with their acidic droppings.
  • Encourage secondary pest infestation in their nesting areas.
  • Attack people during their breeding season, when protecting their nesting sites and young.
  • Pose a danger to any aircraft taking off or landing nearby.

Business Consequences

  • Costs — Building maintenance and cleaning, loss of damaged goods.
  • Health and safety — birds are carriers of disease and can contaminate production areas.
  • Pollution - from bird droppings and bird noise.
  • Reputation — deterioration in customer relations, and lowering of employee morale.

Danger Signs

  • Live birds and bird noise, especially young chicks.
  • Nesting materials strewn on the floor of your premises.
  • Stock damage as a result of bird droppings or bird pecking.
  • Bird droppings underneath ledges, windowsills or areas on which birds roost.

Steps to take for bird control

  • Call Rentokil Pest Control on +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 to arrange for an expert bird control solution.
  • Employ a bird proofing solution, such as Rentokil's Bird Netting or Bird Point Deterrent Systems.
  • Arrange the removal and deterrent of birds by authorised and ethical means.
  • Set up regular Rentokil bird control service visits to prevent any further problems.

Learn more about pigeon control solutions and effective methods to get rid of pigeons.

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