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How to Get Rid of Pigeons on your commercial property

Effective bird repellent solutions to keep birds away

Bird Repellent solutions to get rid of pigeons

Birds on your commercial property can threaten your business leading to financial loss. Pigeons can cause damage to buildings and structures through their acidic droppings which creates unsanitary conditions around your premises, garden and water features.

Did you know that the presence of birds can also lower productivity in the workplace? Birds carry with them ticks and mites and spread diseases that can present health hazards to your employees. Birds on your premises can also affect your reputation and scare customers away.

Ask the Rentokil bird control specialists to put in place a continued servicing solution that will help to get rid of pigeons on your premises: Call us on +256 777 090 356 / +256 751 493 293 or email us to arrange a FREE inspection of your commercial property. 

Get rid of Pigeons that Nest and Roost on your premises 

Wondering how to get rid of pigeons? Rentokil’s safe, eco-friendly bird control and bird proofing services offers an economical solution to ensure that you minimise the risks presented by pest bird infestations and get rid of pigeons and other birds that cause damage to your premises in a humane manner. 

Rentokil provides the following bird control services:

Bird Netting
Bird netting is generally used to prevent birds from nesting in established nesting sites. Bird netting can be installed permanently or temporarily as a bird deterrent solution to deal with seasonal problems caused by migratory birds.

Bird Scarer Device
This type of bird control system is primarily used on exposed ledges. This discreet bird scare device consists of spring loaded lengths of blunt needle that act as a barrier to prevent birds from alighting.This bird deterrent device emits light beams that disorientate birds and cause them to land and perch elsewhere.

Bird Repellent Sound System
The speaker system is a bird control measure that emits sounds that differ from very soft too loud and annoying and cause birds to relocate. The sound routinely changes to ensure that birds do not get used to the sound and try to re-enter the premises.

Bird Removal
Our expert pest control specialists will employ various of bird control removal methods that will help to get rid of pigeons, including humane trapping and egg & nest removal. Egg & nest removal prevents adult birds from raising their young on site, reducing flock size and thus encourages birds to move on. Where a group of birds are involved, trapping birds from the top of the social order will disrupt the flock organisation.

Bird Deterrent Spikes
This bird control method quick and cost effective to install. Pigeons and other birds are not able to get a foot hold on the surface, and are forced to relocate.The rounded tips on the ends of each spike cannot hurt birds or humans.

Trust the Rentokil pest control experts to put in place a bird proofing solution that will keep birds away from your premises and get rid of pigeons perching and nesting on your premises.

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