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History of Rentokil Uganda

Having registered great success in Kenya for over 50 years, we are delighted to inform you that Rentokil Initial the world’s leading Pest Control and Hygiene Company has now established an office in Kampala with country wide operations. The business established its presence in the country in early 2012 and is now fully set up.

Throughout the world, home owners and leading brand businesses trust the Rentokil experts to solve their Pest problems. Rentokil is the world’s leading Pest Control Company providing the highest levels of risk management, re - assurance and responsiveness to customers. Rentokil is operating in over 60 countries in all the 5 continents of the world. Rentokil customers enjoy the strengths and expertise of a global organization, with the advantage of well researched services being brought near client’s locality, and the business being managed at a local level.

Feel free to contact us and be among the first to enjoy our world class free pest control survey and professional advice and explore ways of how our reliable pest control & hygiene services can be of benefit to your business or residence.

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